Top 10 issues for our Election 2017 campaign will be:

1. Achieve a “living Pension” for all Seniors.

2. The removal of GST from Food, Medical Services, Power & Gas.

3. Health & Wellness Clinics for Senior’s. We want to enjoy retirement not endure it!

4. The revision or removal of Section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964.

5. Restrict immigration to those who can contribute to our workforce needs, social and    New Zealand lifestyle requirements.

6. All New Zealand property to remain in the hands of New Zealanders and cannot be    sold to any overseas buyer.

7. A focus on economic policies that will effectively reduce poverty and the ever    widening gap between the rich and poor in New Zealand.

8. Correct justice for all victims of crimes in New Zealand in line with the policies of the    Sensible Sentencing Trust.

9. Free public transport on bus & rail anywhere in New Zealand which was promised    when the Gold Card was introduced. A similar system to what is available in other    countries.

10. Increase the child benefit to alleviate child poverty and insure the health and well      being of future generations of New Zealanders.

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