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Political parties are always formed out of desire to adopt a particular philosophy, to correct a socially disadvantage group or considered to be so. But usually the party is born to correct the distribution of money!

The NZ Seniors Party was formed out of a desire to implement all three.

The philosophy – The common good and well-being of all New Zealanders is paramount in governance.

The socially disadvantaged: many young people, those suffering a disability, those with a debilitating handicap, the sick, the elderly and families living in impoverished conditions suffering serious deprivations.

The honouring by all governments of election promises that especially includes the distribution of wealth (money) earned by the countries workforce to benefit all New Zealanders.

It should also be said that the party was formed in response to a greatly perceived need to correct the government of the day in its interpretation of certain Tax Laws in particular the illegal application of Sec 70 of the Social Security Act 1964, which under successive New Zealand governments has caused unbelievable hardship to over 170,000 pensioners. The full history and detail can be found by following this link.

“If it’s wrong now as it seems to be deemed to be; then it was wrong then”

The Party wants to see an immediate change and a formula developed to reimburse the “stolen” pensions to all those pensioners who have suffered and are suffering inconsequence of the illegal actions of successive governments.

The Maori people have, and still are, being reimbursed for perceived irregularities of actions by the New Zealand government over a long period of time. The cause is different but the principle is the same as that being sought by 170,000 New Zealand Seniors.

The Maori Leader, Tariana Turia, once said in her leaders’ speech at the opening of one Parliament that nothing was achieved for the Maori people by lobbying and advocacy. It was only when direct representation of the Maori people in Parliament was achieved did anything of real consequence happen toward the betterment of the Maori people.

Our approach on this issue and the many other issues effecting the lives and well-being of New Zealand Seniors has to be similar to that of the Maori people.

There are so many acts by the current government on many issues that, in our view, are just not right and we want our Country back to economic stability, government errors of action righted. We don’t want to hear of children, the elderly going hungry and adults and children living in cars. We don’t want to hear of land and business sales to overseas investors. With all the resources we have, New Zealand should be the most economically sound country there is; the population healthy, well educated, living in a safe environment and the seniors of the country well cared for; an internationally envied lifestyle.

“A Party vote for the NZ Seniors Party will secure the “Power to Drive Change”, Aggressive and Innovative action toward Achievement of all things to the Common Good of all New Zealanders”


This is the introduction to a series of articles and stories for this website outlining how the New Zealand government, and the civil servants in Brendan Boyle’s ministry of social development, are involved in stealing money from New Zealand pensioners.

Please let us know if:
• You have a story to tell that you would like published on the website (no names – no
• You need advice on the corrupt appeals procedures that MSD runs. Note: You will not
   win your appeal – no one ever has! Time will be wasted – both yours and the ministry’s.
   But the appeals board members will be paid handsomely for fobbing you off.
• You suffer any other injustice from the Ministry of Social Development (what a misnomer!),
   from the minister, from politicians, from the CEO of MSD – Brendan Boyle – or any of his
• At the moment YOU WILL NOT WIN. However, with the help of the party, MSD can be
   beaten, or at least changed, – get your story out there. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Next time:
How a lifelong New Zealander can lose all rights to NZ superannuation – even after living
   and working here all their life.
• How MSD conducts is scurrilous appeals hearings. (You cannot win!) And the threats they
   issue to citizens.
• How you can be forced to apply for an overseas pension – even if you have never lived
   or worked overseas.
• And much more appearing on this website soon…………..

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