The Entity shall be known as “NZ Seniors Party”

NZ SENIORS PARTY Members support:
• Inclusive democracy, where elected members represent their constituency and involve those who elected them in decision
   making processes.
• Elected representatives will appoint a chairperson to act as chair and spokesperson for NZ SENIORS PARTY.
• Elected members will be loyal at all times to their electorate. Their votes are to represent the views of their electorate; they are
  not elected as representatives of their electorate but to represent their electorate’s views.
• Respect the Treaty of Waitangi and current processes to resolve grievances.
• Promotion of equal opportunities, regardless of age, religious beliefs, cultural and individual diversity, sexual orientation or
  gender identity.
• Maintenance of open transparent accountable political processes, critical information will be shared with the electorate.
• Sustainable controlled management to protect New Zealand environment natural and physical resources.
• Open international dialogue promoting trade, peace and fairness.
• Fair and equable distribution of societal wealth with a mandate for a fair wage and fair pension economy.
• A taxation system that is just and fair for all citizens of New Zealand.
• Educational opportunities for all, to enhance and encourage emerging industries with training and research facilities to keep
  abreast of new markets. To ensure that New Zealand employment market has the essential skills and training that will ensure
  jobs that will enable the NZ economy to develop and prosper.
• Freedom of speech.
• Fair justice for all, real and meaningful support for victims of crime.
• To promote and back NZ Manufactured, designed and researched products and services for the benefit of all NZ trades.

The NZ SENIORS PARTY is a non-profit making unincorporated group established for political activity.

Intellectual Property
No member, supporter or person may use or permit to be used any intellectual property, patents, trade markets, logos, technical processes, data bases owned and held by NZ SENIORS PARTY, without first obtaining prior written approval from the Executive Committee.

Any person who satisfies (a) and (b) and (c) shall be eligible for NZ SENIORS PARTY membership.
a. The person is qualified to be an elector under the NZ Electoral Act 1993 (or any Act passed in amendment of a
    substitution for the same)
b. The person is approved for membership by the Executive Committee.
c. The person pays the annual membership fee.
d. The official term of membership commences on June1st. Subscriptions shall fall due and be payable on the first day
    of June in any given year and on approval for membership by the Executive Committee
e. Membership will be forfeited within 3 months of that date where membership fees are not paid.
f. No person who is a non-financial member of NZ SENIORS PARTY shall be eligible to serve on any committee or as
    a NZ SENIORS PARTY representative/delegate to any meeting.
g. No full-time paid officer of NZ SENIORS PARTY shall be eligible to serve as any committee member or as a delegate
    to any NZ SENIORS PARTY meeting.
h. The amount of the membership subscription shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.
i. Membership may be cancelled or suspended if in the opinion of the Executive Committee a person’s actions prejudices
   the interests of NZ SENIORS PARTY.
j. Prior to any action being taken under (i), there shall be fair and natural justice and the opportunity for the member
   to represent themselves before the Executive Committee.
k. No individual shall take action which would pledge NZ SENIORS PARTY without being authorised to do so by the
   Executive Committee.
l. All property including money accruing as a result of any activity undertaken in the name of NZ SENIORS PARTY
   or generally on behalf of NZ SENIORS PARTY by any member of NZ SENIORS PARTY shall belong to NZ SENIORS
   PARTY and be controlled by the Executive Committee.
m. Any member may resign from membership by giving written notice to the Executive Committee.
n. No member shall receive any pecuniary gain from the property or operations of NZ SENIORS PARTY except as a
   paid employee or for services rendered or supplies made. In the event that NZ SENIORS PARTY is wound up, no
   member of NZ SENIORS PARTY shall personally be entitled to benefit in any way in the distribution of the assets of
   NZ SENIORS PARTY both real and personal.
o. Any person shall be eligible to apply to become a supporter of NZ SENIORS PARTY if that person makes a donation to
   NZ SENIORS PARTY and in doing so generally expresses support for the philosophy and activities of NZ SENIORS PARTY.

• The NZ SENIORS PARTY will be administered by an Executive Committee of no fewer than 6 people including NZ
   SENIORS PARTY officers.
• The NZ SENIORS PARTY Political Leaders will be ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
• The first Executive Committee was established by open invitation from foundation members. Prospective new
   members will be nominated by an existing member of the Executive Committee and then approved by a majority vote.
• Officers: The Executive Committee may from time to time elect from its members a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer
   Campaign Manager and Press Secretary and any other office deemed required. The Officers of Chairperson and Secretary
   shall always be filled, other positions may be combined or remain unoccupied.

Dispute Resolution
Among members if a dispute arises concerning NZ SENIORS PARTY business, the Executive Committee shall be the final arbiter. Disputes between members of the Executive Committee will be managed by the Executive Committee, the Chairperson being the final arbiter. The Chairperson may choose to manage the issue by secret ballot and in the event of a tie the status quo will remain.

Special General Meetings
The Chairperson will convene a special General Meeting of the membership on receipt of a written request from no less than a quorum of the Executive Committee. All requests for a special meeting must be acted on within a 3 week date line from the date the Chairperson receives the request. Annual General Meeting Each year the Chairperson shall convene an Annual Meeting of the NZ SENIORS PARTY at a time determined by the Executive Committee. Except in Extraordinary circumstances the AGM shall be held no sooner than 10 months and no later than 14 months following the last AGM.

Financial Year
The NZ SENIORS PARTY’s financial year commences on the 1st June each year.

Parliamentary Rules
a) The NZ SENIORS PARTY leader may be selected at any time by a secret STV ballot of all the NZ SENIORS PARTY’s
    sitting Members of Parliament and Executive Committee Office holders including also any Members-elect who may not
    as yet taken the Oath of Office and assumed their Seats.
b) Any newly-elected NZ SENIORS PARTY Leader shall have the right to appoint, or to re-appoint the NZ SENIORS PARTY’s
    Deputy Leader.
c) If the NZ SENIORS PARTY has no elected Member of Parliament, the Executive Committee may elect a new NZ
    SENIORS PARTY Leader at any time. If there is only one nominee for the position of NZ SENIORS PARTY Leader,
    the Executive Committee may either elect to declare the sole nominee the NZ SENIORS PARTY Leader, or it may
    elect to leave the Leadership vacant and call for further nominations. If two or more people are nominated for the
    Leadership, the Executive Committee will conduct a secret STV ballot of the members of the Executive Committee
    to determine the Leader. The Executive Committee may also decide, at its discretion, to conduct a secret STV ballot
    of all financial members to determine the Leadership.

a) This document may only be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the financial members attending an Annual
    General Meeting.
b) No amendment to this document may be debated or considered which, in the opinion of the presiding Chairperson
    of the AGM, would have the effect of altering or amending the basic Principles of the NZ SENIORS PARTY.

Electoral candidates will be decided on merit, by due process of the Executive Committee. Potential candidates will be required to:
• Be nominated by two NZ SENIORS PARTY financial members.
• The nominees will be required to support their nominations in either verbal or written format, to assist Executive Committee
   in their decision making process. This support will likely demonstrate and support the character of nominee, their standing
   in their community and detail any community and or business contributions.
• Candidates will be required to present themselves before the Executive Committee to share their understanding of NZ
   SENIORS PARTY philosophy, advocate for their appointment and answer set interview questions.
• The Executive Committee will carry out reference and other checks as deemed necessary. Candidates will be advised
   following the Executive Committees decision. Ranking Candidates for the NZ SENIORS PARTY List
• The Executive Committee will call on the membership for nomination for Candidates to be included on the NZ SENIORS
   PARTY list.
• Nominations will be submitted on the NZ SENIORS PARTY form provided for this function and shall be signed by no fewer
   than two financial members.
• All nominations must be received, approved and accepted by the Executive Committee prior to a nomination being selected
   for inclusion on the NZ SENIORS PARTY List.
• When all nominations have been processed and approved by the Executive Committee the Executive Committee will
   meet again and assign an ordinal ranking for each Candidate to the NZ SENIORS PARTY List.

The NZ SENIORS PARTY Political Leader will be ranked No. 1 the Deputy Leader No. 2 and so on until all Candidates have been ranked. Candidates will be notified of their success or otherwise.

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