Paul Rea   - Chairperson

Paul is an active General Manager of two companies, one in New Zealand and the other in Australia. A passionate believer in what he does, Paul is of the opinion that New Zealand Seniors are generally ignored by successive governments who only make any acknowledgement of them during election years. The NZ Seniors party hopes to challenge this by having representatives in parliament working for the betterment of all seniors – both current and future.

Marie Brophy - Spokesperson on Human Rights and Social Justice

Marie is a well-known lobbyist in all areas of Human Rights and Social Justice. The NZ government sequesters the personally funded savings of pensioners (under the infamous Section 70) and Kiwis who have lived or worked overseas, as well as immigrants, suffer from this. Marie has fought long and hard to protect Seniors disadvantaged in this manner.

Paul Norfolk - Funding Manager

With a background as a national and international sales Manager for several major companies, and as CEO of two major charities for over 8 years, Paul is admirably placed to assist the party with funding and sponsorship management. Paul has had long and extensive experience in international sporting management – particularly in soccer coaching – and his team management approach will be a great asset to the party.

Gloria Norfolk - Assistant Funding Manager

Gloria has worked as an Executive PA for CEO’s and Managing Directors of multi-national corporations for over 30 years. She is well placed to assist with party fund raising and she also acts as an additional party treasurer.

Barnaby Perkins - Co. Treasurer

As a Master Mariner and erstwhile academic manager Barnaby has a background in executive management in both education and international maritime operations.

Anne Rea - Co. Treasurer and Records

With a background in management and administration in the insurance industry, Anne is Co-treasurer and interim membership coordinator for the party.