30 August 2017

Political Parties beware

We might be old but we still have a voice Watching the news last night, the election bribes keep coming from all the political parties promising what they will do for us if we vote for them. We hear promises like extending parental leave with time off for both parents, free post-secondary education for a year along with an additional $50 per week for university students.

One promise that is sadly missing is what will these Parties do for pensioners. We are the forgotten generation who have worked hard all our lives, been honest law-abiding citizens - for what?

Many are living on the bread line struggling to make ends meet, costs are rising but pensions are not. $50/week would go a long way to help pensioners pay their bills. The National Party promised us 66% per person of the average wage but have only delivered 33%.

Seniors need to be recognised as the people who fought in wars and helped build New Zealand to what it is today. Our politicians chase the Seniors votes as they are the most reliable voting bloc but deliver nothing to earn that vote. Political Parties beware, we all have children and grandchildren all with a vote!

No one likes to see people suffer in their old age at a time in life when they should be enjoying themselves.

Is it a case of - if our politicians ignore us long enough we will all die off and the problem will go away? Politicians will grow old themselves but perhaps they will not need to depend on the pension to live on.