"A Government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish playwright
Press Release 07/07/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

As the election date draws closer, we find more and more incentives coming from the Government to vote for them. We hear how much they are putting into housing, education and health along with numerous other sectors including the Americas Cup defence. There is no mention of how much they are stealing from 89,000 immigrant pensioners under their Section 70 direct deduction policy – they keep this a secret.

Double dippers and disadvantaging ordinary Kiwis is the spin the Government put on this policy but they do not apply it to people employed by Government. They are exempt under Section 70 of the Social Security Act 1964 from losing their Government pension and also still receive their NZ Super - so who are the double dippers?

It is a story of stealing from immigrants with overseas Tier Two pensions that are exactly the same as the NZ government employer/employee funded pension. The difference being Government take from immigrants but pay out to their own employees. It is a case of looking after their own staff and to hell with the rest of us.

I urge all New Zealanders to vote wisely on September 23rd because all politicians say one thing to get elected but fail to follow up on their promises when they do. The time has come to hold politicians from across the political spectrum accountable, either to stand by their promises or fall on their sword if they do not.


There is NO equality in New Zealand
Press Release 13/06/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

In a recent email from MSD I was informed that Section 70 direct deduction policy applies to pensions that falls under the following:

  a)   be administered by or on behalf of the Government of that country;
  b)   form part of a program providing benefits, pensions, or periodical allowances for any
        of the contingencies for which benefits, pensions, or allowances may be paid under
        this Act, or under the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001
        or the Veterans'Support Act 2014;
  c)   and not be a Government occupational pension.

As a Government occupational pension is a tier two pension exactly the same as a UK pension then the question must be asked why is one NOT subject to direct deduction policy and the other is?

On further enquiry I was also informed that there is no separate legislation covering tier two pensions so how can Section 70 direct deduction be applied where no legislation/law is in place to cover it.

Immigrants from all over the world including many New Zealanders who have worked overseas are having their tier two employer/employee funded pensions stolen by a Government who are using questionable policies to protect their own staff pensions at the expense of others.

They tell us we would be disadvantaging ordinary Kiwis and be “double dipping” if we were allowed to have two pensions despite having funded them ourselves.

Given the above facts immigrants are the ones being disadvantaged not the ordinary Kiwis. It is time Government came clean and stopped hiding the truth about how they steal pensions from immigrants living New Zealand.


Pensioners - Oh what fools we were!
Press Release 02/05/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

When you look back at what we were promised and realise what we actually receive, what fools we were! The National Government under Rob Muldoon in 1975 promised us a free pension to get re-elected and told us it would increase to 80% of the average wage after tax, so why are we only receiving 33%?

Politicians say we are getting 66% but this is as a couple not as an individual. It’s wonderful how facts can be twisted to suit certain agendas. All your working life you are taxed as an individual but when you retire suddenly you become a couple.

Had Muldoon not cancelled Labours original Super scheme, New Zealand would now have billions of dollars in the super fund and be the envy of other countries. The Millennium generation would still enjoy the perks our generation had like free education, low interest property loans and a lifestyle second to none.

Bill English has not learnt from the mistakes Muldoon made i.e. Kiwi Saver should be compulsory. NZSP would make it compulsory, not a voluntary scheme as at present. We would also propose a complete overhaul of the current pension system to a pro-rata scheme making it fairer to all.

With the General Election in September one would hope New Zealanders have learnt from the past and will no longer believe all the promises made by our politicians seeking election. Remember, sometimes if it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.


We are all immigrants to New Zealand
Press Release 18/04/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

Whether you came to NZ in a canoe, ship or jumbo jet we are all immigrants.

This being the case let us compare some costs to the Government of two groups of immigrants i.e. Maori against those from Europe and the UK.

Maori have received billions of dollars in treaty settlements over the years and still have many more to be settled. Maori make up the majority of criminals in our prisons costing the tax payer $90,000+ per year each. Maori are one of the highest groups of unemployed receiving millions of dollars in benefits and Maori make up the majority of gang members in NZ who run the illicit drug trade. Taking all these facts into account, Maori cost the New Zealand tax payer many billions of dollars every year.

Now compare the immigrants from Europe and the UK.

These immigrants arrive in NZ most of them having already secured jobs. They bring with them millions of dollars adding to the economy by purchasing or building houses. These immigrants are mostly law abiding citizens and do not belong to any criminal organisations.

When they turn 65 and apply for their NZ pension the Government steals over $350 million dollars per year (and rising) from their overseas retirement savings (similar to Kiwi Saver) stating they do not want the ordinary Kiwi to be disadvantaged.

Given the examples above and the costs briefly outlined - the question must be asked of Government which group are being disadvantaged?

We are all immigrant New Zealanders so why are we not all treated the same?


Housing should be the Governments No 1 Priority!
Press Release 15/03/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

We listen to all our politicians telling us what they are going to do for us in this election year but in reality when voted in the majority do little or nothing. New Zealand is in a crisis, there are simply not enough houses being built to cater for New Zealanders let alone the influx of immigrants into this country.

Our Housing Minister Nick Smith has been telling us that things are improving but try telling that to all those people who cannot find accommodation anywhere.

Auckland is bursting at the seams and house prices are going through the roof but still we see over 71,000 immigrants being allowed to come into New Zealand. This simply has to stop and Government has to realise that this sugar fix they are on with immigration is hurting everyday Kiwi’s. They will have to suck on a bitter pill for a few years and reduce immigration until both housing and infrastructure catch up with demand.

New Zealand is for New Zealanders and unless our elected representatives do something shortly this housing crisis will continue to escalate out of control and our younger generation will NEVER be able to own their own homes.

September will give every eligible New Zealand voter the opportunity to vote for the Party they want to run the country for the next 3 years. May I suggest you take a long look at what was promised and what has actually been achieved by our current politicians over the past 3 years and cast your vote accordingly?


National’s Pension Plans will NOT solve the problem!
Press Release 08/03/2017 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

Prime Minister Bill English announced yesterday the National Party’s plans to raise the pension age to 67 over the next 20 years along with increasing the qualifying period to 20 years for immigrants.

He followed this statement by telling New Zealand that the current pension would not change nor would it be asset or income tested.

The Prime Minister is blatantly lying because over 89,000 immigrant pensioners and 60,000 returning New Zealanders are having their pension income tested by MSD to the tune of over $500 million per year that is being used to subsidise the NZ pension scheme.

Legislation clearly states NZ Super is not asset or income tested so why are all these New Zealanders losing their overseas retirement savings?

A pro rata system as mooted by NZ Seniors Party with eligibility for a full pension after 30 years and a minimum qualifying period of 15 years would be a far superior system. The period of 15 years should also apply to benefits or pensions paid to family members entering NZ under family reunification program.

As for Winston Peters, he was very quick to jump on his soap box to tell everyone NZ First is the only party working for seniors. Another bold statement from a Party leader who’s past history speaks for itself. He has been in a position before to make pensions a non-negotiable bargaining chip but failed to do so.

Pensions are a controversial issue that needs to be rectified NOW not in 20 years.


NZ Seniors Party challenge the National Government to debate pensions in an open forum.
Press Release 14/12/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

For years the New Zealand Government has blocked all efforts to have pensions debated in parliament and have spent, last year alone, 33 million dollars in the Crown Law Office on legal fees included in which was defending their direct deduction policy against all those who challenged them.

This alone shows the lengths to which they are prepared to go to protect the cash cow that is the direct deduction policy. Under Section 70 they appropriate over $350 million dollars per year from overseas contributory retirement funds. They also confiscate funds under what is referred to as ‘Spousal provision’ which itself is illegal as they take all a spouses overseas savings not just the amount paid in by them from the date they were married.

If the Government and MSD have nothing to hide then Prime Minister Bill English or his Deputy Paula Bennett will accept our challenge to discuss the New Zealand pension scheme in public.
2017 is an Election year and all of New Zealand have a right to know what the National Party intend doing about pensions. Failure to accept our challenge can mean only one thing, they have plenty to hide. Are they scared that if ordinary New Zealanders know the truth it will damage their chances of being re-elected?

Would you vote for a Party knowing how they openly appropriate voluntary overseas retirement savings from pensioners and spend millions of our tax payer dollars on Legal costs preventing anyone from challenging them? 


The Power of the people!
Press Release 14/12/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

I watched with interest the program Q + A on Sunday morning were the topic of discussion was the resignation of John Key and his successor Bill English and his deputy Paula Bennett. The panel talked about the possible makeup of the next Government and how they thought Winston Peters and New Zealand First party would be the possible King Makers in either a National or Labour coalition.

It escapes me why these commentators would think Winston would be in this position given his past track record. The same question must also be asked about the past records of National, Labour and the Greens and as for United Future and Act well enough said about these two one man parties who both agree with everything the National party says or does.

The time has come to decide on the future of New Zealand and voters will have their say later next year at the 2017 General Election. Do they want the same old faces promising them the same old things but delivering nothing or has the time finally arrived to instigate change?

New Zealand has a great opportunity to follow the rest of the world and vote for new fresh political parties that will bring some common sense back into parliament. New Zealand Seniors party is one such party with no associations or affiliations to any of the old established parties. We believe that democracy should be brought back to this country and the government forced to listen to the will of the people who elected them.

Democracy in the dictionary is defined as being “government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system." These elected agents or MP’s should be answerable to the people and not be able to do what they like with little or no ramifications for their actions. This is currently the situation in NZ where politicians can decide not to listen to the people and change laws without consulting them.

People power only exists in the voting box where the public of New Zealand can choose to either stick with the same old type of government or cast their vote for change. I urge all New Zealanders to think long and hard about who they will vote for in 2017 and what if anything the people who are seeking their votes have done for them in the past.

New Zealand Seniors party promises to act for all New Zealanders both young and old and offers a no nonsense approach to politics. A vote next year for NZSP would be a vote for change and would herald in a new more transparent form of government. The power is in the peoples hands use it wisely in 2017.


Government Competition!!!!!
Press Release 30/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

I was driving along behind a very large truck when I noticed a sign on the back of it that read Don’t steal - the Government hates competition. This statement in just a few words tells the reader a true fact that affects every New Zealander.

They tax us on taxes, ie: local body rates, a tax itself, but we also pay GST (another tax) on top. They tax us on our pensions and confiscate overseas savings to help subsidise the NZ super scheme. They take from law abiding citizens but pay criminals the same amount of pension as they receive. They pay pensions to people that have never paid a cent into the economy but have lived here for only 10 years. They take from ordinary New Zealanders who have worked overseas and paid into that country's super scheme.

They even take from Kiwis who have married overseas and whose partner’s pensions equates to more than the NZ pension. The Kiwi then receives absolutely nothing yet he or she could have worked and paid tax for over 45 years. The IRD tax us as individuals but MSD combine us as couples to use their DDP to avoid paying pensions.

These deductions are carried out under the guise that the NZ Government, (MSD) does not want anyone or group to have a financial advantage over ordinary Kiwis born in NZ. This is carried out by the civil servants appointed by the politicians elected by us supposedly to act on our best behalf. Our MP’s have their superannuation bolstered each year by $38000 of tax payer’s money twice the amount paid to pensioners. If they turn 65 while still an MP they also get the full NZ pension, so who are the double dippers?

When are New Zealanders going to wake up to what is going on in this country and understand the need for change. All Political Party MP’s promise the earth to get themselves elected but fail in many occasions to deliver when they do so, with little or no accountability.

NZ Seniors Party does not promise anything except that if elected we will work tirelessly for those people who voted for us. We are not career politicians, we are ordinary citizens who are fed up being ignored and have decided to do something about it. There is a saying that goes like this:
Great things in life are seldom achieved by one person – they are achieved by a team effort.

We invite you to join our Team so that we can achieve great things for all New Zealand.


Press Release 18/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

New Zealand is a southern hemisphere mecca for tourists from all over the world. The unspoilt geography, the pristine beaches, the beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges of the South Island, the crystal clear lakes, the uniqueness of Rotorua and its thermal attractions. Couple this with the ability to drive on any road in NZ during the summer months and not be overwhelmed by traffic, makes NZ one of, if not the most desirable, holiday destinations for tourists from throughout the world.

Yet this beautiful country hides a secret that is not openly talked about or conveyed to the millions of tourists who flock to NZ on an annual basis. New Zealand is earthquake prone. This has been demonstrated over the past 5 years with the massive earthquake magnitude 6.3 to hit Christchurch in 2011 and the most recent, a magnitude 7.8 to rock the South Island. Both of these quakes caused significant amounts of damage trapping both locals and tourists, more particularly in the most recent quake to hit Kaikoura, (November 2016).

The NZSP firmly believes tourists visiting NZ should be given a Civil Defence leaflet before disembarking from aircraft or at any other point of entry into NZ. This should clearly highlight the unstable nature of our beautiful land, indicating where earthquakes are most likely to occur. It should also give information on the necessary safety measures to take in the unlikely event an earthquake should happen ie the turtle drop - drop, cover, hold.

We certainly don’t want to deter tourists, on the contrary we want to welcome them, but as the old saying goes forewarned is to be forearmed. Let’s help to keep our tourists safe so they can revisit New Zealand on a regular basis to share with all us Kiwis the beauty and serenity of this wonderful country.

NZSP urges Government and Civil Defence to consider developing an earthquake information pack printed in different languages as suggested above.


Press Release 16/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

In our two recent press releases the first question we asked was “What If” and the second was “Are You”. Both questions outlining what ordinary New Zealanders need answers to.

In both instances, we clearly outlined the New Zealand Seniors Party’s position and the need for change so that these questions can be answered with solutions.

If New Zealand is to move forward we need change to take place with innovative thinking to resolve our escalating crime, child abuse, poverty and housing crises to name but a few.

So who are the New Zealand Seniors Party?

We are – a diverse group of people who are part of the silent majority that successive governments have taken for granted, but no longer.

We are – made up of every day New Zealanders, trades people, professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, business people from all walks of life and all ethnic and religious persuasions.

We are – not rich, bored people who have jumped on the political band wagon with hidden agendas, our policies and aims are clearly stated for all to see on our website.

We are – tired of being ignored and forgotten by our elected politicians and their overpaid public servants.

We are – not career politicians and do not have any alliance to any other political party. Politics is new to us all and we do not intend to become part of the old boy network.

New Zealand Seniors Party was formed out of frustration, the same frustration that has been shown around the world by ordinary people who believe change is needed. To sit back and do nothing is an easy option but life is not easy and unless someone takes a stand then nothing will change.

New Zealand was once a great place to live and bring up a family but alas this is no longer the case. Families are struggling and children are going hungry, this is not the New Zealand our generation grew up in. To heal this country we need change, not just for change sake but for the good of all New Zealanders and that change can only come if we, the silent majority, make it happen.


Are You?
Press Release 10/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

First there was Brexit where the silent majority voted Britain out of the EU and claimed the country back for the British. Last night the silent majority in America overturned the establishment by voting Donald Trump as their 45th President. This wave of discontent is sweeping the globe as more and more people vote for change. New Zealand is not isolated from this trend as more and more New Zealanders are voicing their opinions that change is needed to move this country forward.

The established political parties ie National, Labour, Greens, NZ First and United Future have ALL failed to respond to the wishes of the very people they were elected to represent. This lack of response has prompted a new political party the New Zealand Seniors Party who are demanding change.

We ask:

Are you – happy with the way our country is heading?

Are you – happy with the level of crime in this country and how our prison population is one of the highest per capita in the world?

Are you – happy that New Zealand is termed by the UN as one of the worst countries in the world for child abuse?

Are you – happy to sell off land and business to overseas investors when you yourself are unable to purchase your own home in this country?

Are you – content to live on a pittance of a pension when our politicians and government employees are paid such high salaries?

If your answer to those few questions listed above is NO then you are one of the silent majority who have the power to instigate change by casting your vote at next year’s General Election.

New Zealand Seniors Party act on behalf of all New Zealanders both young and old and offer a voice to the silent majority. Next year do you want more of the same, or is it time for change – the decision is firmly in your hands.


New Zealanders being disadvantaged by a radically flawed pension scheme!
Press Release 07/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

The word is getting out there regarding the Government’s spin on the so called “greedy, double dipping immigrants”  to New Zealand. This not only affects immigrants but also more and more New Zealanders who have worked overseas. Also those New Zealanders who have entered into relationships with individuals entitled to an overseas pension that is higher than the married rate of NZ Super.

New Zealanders are now becoming more aware of this Government pension grab as they are finding it affects them personally, a family member, or friend or someone they know.

In a letter recently received by New Zealand Seniors Party from the Hon Anne Tolley Minister of Social Development, in which the Minister claims the Governments treatment of overseas pensions needs to be fair to all tax payers. Ms Tolley goes on to say the Government would not support changes to the NZ Superannuation that would financially advantage some superannuitants with overseas pensions but disadvantage lifelong New Zealanders.

The Minister fails to see that these so called lifelong New Zealanders are already being disadvantaged by the very same system she is referring too. Immigrants coming to New Zealand receive a full NZ Super after only 5 years gaining residency and a further 10 years living in New Zealand – 15 years in total. New Zealanders work for around 45 years to end up getting the same pension amount as these immigrant who get a full pension after only 15 years, so the question must be asked of the Minister who is being disadvantaged here?

New Zealand Seniors Party believe the current pension system in New Zealand is radically flawed and needs a complete overhaul. A fairer system would be a pro-rata pension system where everyone must meet a certain criteria of say 35 - 40 years before being entitled to the full NZ pension. This system would create a level playing field for all concerned because if you qualify having worked/lived 35-40 years in NZ you would receive the full NZ pension. If you have worked or receive a pension from overseas, you would be entitled to your overseas pension and receive proportional payments from New Zealand (a percentage of the 35-40 years) while working and living in this country. If you have worked a full number of years you would be entitled to both your overseas pension and a full NZ pension.

This way no one is disadvantaged and everyone wins. After a short period the so called ‘greedy double dippers’ would disappear and all New Zealanders would then receive what they are justly entitled to.


What if?
Press Release 01/11/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

These two simple words that alone are insignificant but together mean a great deal.

What if - we could afford a house and not have to rent or live in a car?

What if – we could clothe and feed our children and not see them going to school hungry?

What if – we could treat our grandchildren by not having to go without ourselves?

What if – we could afford a holiday or just a short break but our pension will not stretch any further?

These are just a few of the ‘What ifs’ a lot of New Zealanders will be asking themselves as many of our families struggle to make ends meet. With the festive season fast approaching many are finding just the simple things in life are out of their reach as costs continue to rise but incomes do not.

New Zealand was once a land of milk and honey but not today, we have turned into a land of food banks and second hand shops because our Government have forgotten the very people that make up this country.

They allow Immigration of over 70,000 per year, land and businesses to be sold to overseas buyers, properties to be sold to overseas investors, the list goes on, and all this for what? Citizens from many countries overseas can buy property in New Zealand but do not allow property purchases from foreign buyers in their own country.

The New Zealand Seniors Party believe these practices should be stopped and the Government should start investing more in every day New Zealanders. New Zealand belongs to New Zealanders not greedy overseas purchasers wanting to make huge profits.

With a General Election in 2017 New Zealanders have an opportunity to have their say on how and by whom this country will be run for the next 3 years, vote wisely because what is promised in an election year is not always what you receive.


$2.5 Billion on Prisons!
Press Release 19/10/2016 - Paul Rea, Chairperson

On the news last night it was announced that the Government is going to spend an additional one billion dollars to facilitate the growing number of inmates in our prisons. On top of this, it would take between one and one and a half billion dollars to look after this increased number of inmates.

The question must be asked, with all the poverty and suffering in our community, why are we spending all this taxpayer money creating bigger and better prisons for the dregs of our society. Prisons should be a place where offenders do hard time, not spend it in somewhat luxury with 3 meals a day and all the home comforts.

Ask a pensioner living on a mere $17,000 a year how they manage after paying the rent, power, heating and food, the answer is not very well.  Instead of spending money on the law breakers why not spend it on the law abiding citizens who have worked hard all their lives only to find they have to live on the bread line when they retire.

The New Zealand Seniors Party is made up of such people who have worked all their lives, paid their taxes and been law abiding citizens. Pensioners are the forgotten generation that are forced to live in poverty while criminals live in the lap of luxury.

The National Government promised pensioners a ‘living wage’ yet all MPs (covering all parties) take twice this amount paid into their individual superannuation scheme ($31,800 per year).
It is time all the seniors of New Zealand stood together to send a clear message to Government that enough is enough.


 Suspend Immigration
Press Release 06/07/2016 - Paul Rea, Housing Spokesman

The common sense answer to New Zealand’s housing shortage.

Over the past few weeks we have heard a great deal about the housing crises in Auckland and as a result people are being forced to live in cars and vans unable to find affordable accommodation. Compound this with a growing number of homeless people living rough in our major cities and a Government still refusing to admit we have a crisis.

Our building industry is being stretched to its limits with the rebuild of Christchurch and the boom in housing not only in Auckland but also throughout the country. The problem has reached such proportions that young people owning a home in New Zealand is now for some only a pipe dream without the help of parents.

New Zealand used to be a country where you could own your own bit of paradise but that is not the case today. More and more cashed up immigrants are being allowed to come into the country and it is them who are pushing up the house prices and putting a strain on our building industry.

With 60,000 immigrants entering New Zealand last year our infrastructure is not geared to cope with that number of people. Waiting lists in hospitals for ordinary New Zealanders are also growing longer with resources being stretched on all fronts.

There is a simple answer to this situation - suspend immigration to allow our infrastructure to catch up with demand. This is a common sense approach unlike that being shown by the Government who think offering an incentive for homeless people in Auckland to move to other areas is the answer. This is adopting an out of sight out of mind mentality.

This Government needs to take the blinkers off and see what is really happening throughout the country. People are suffering and finding it hard to make ends meet but our Government is not prepared to accept this fact.

No doubt next year Bill English will be dishing out the long awaited tax cuts as an election sweetener in an attempt to get National Government re-elected. New Zealand needs to wake up to the truth. We are in crisis and need to do something NOW.

New Zealand is being taken over by stealth and it is ordinary New Zealanders who are suffering.

Next years General Election will give everyone the opportunity to have their say in who runs our country for the next 3 years. Cast your vote wisely. What you are led to believe is not necessarily the truth.


Barnaby Perkins: Seniors party tired of elderly not being listened to.
1:03PM, Tuesday, 7 June 2016 - Newstalk ZB Staff- Audio

Barnaby Perkins, the spokesman of the New Zealand Seniors Party, speaks to Chris Lynch about why the elderly are tired of not being listened to. 

To Listen to this interview follow this link.

New Zealand Seniors Party launches, will enter candidates in 2017 election
17:42, June 7 2016 - Rosanna Price and Jo Moir, Stuff

Over-65s made up 14.4 per cent of the population in 2014.

NZ First leader and senior citizens' champion Winston Peters isn't fazed by a new political party founded by disgruntled pensioners.

The New Zealand Seniors Party has announced its intentions to enter candidates in the 2017 election. Members have complained about the "lack of interest" shown by the Government in the deduction of employer and employee-funded overseas pensions from the New Zealand Superannuation scheme.

But Peters, who was responsible for the introduction of the SuperGold Card in 2007 and is regularly a guest speaker at Grey Power meetings, says senior citizens' issues are not his "territory". "We're the only party though who have tried to do something for them...and we're the only party with a policy to help them. But if you've got a few who think they can go somewhere else and start a party and waste their supporters' money then that's their business," he said. "We're the only party though who have tried to do something for them...and we're the only party with a policy to help them. But if you've got a few who think they can go somewhere else and start a party and waste their supporters' money then that's their business," he said.

For every dollar a pensioner receives from an overseas pension, the New Zealand payment is reduced by a dollar. However, some people are unaware they qualify for an overseas pension. Failing to apply for overseas pensions can result in NZ Super payments being stopped, or never started. The NZ Super payments to spouses of people with overseas pensions can also be reduced. "Today's seniors are tired of being ignored and dictated to by politicians, government departments and their overpaid staff," the party said in a statement. "They are educated and bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the table, and they are certainly capable of taking an active role in the running of their own country."

Party spokesperson Barnaby Perkins said a group of 25 pensioners met in Wellington a week ago to talk about pension deductions and agreed to form the party. "It was a political problem and it needed a political solution," he said. However, proper policies were yet to be decided on. The group were concentrating on getting at least 500 members to register the party. So far, they had 100 on board. The seniors territory was usually charted by NZ First, Perkins acknowledged but he said they weren't doing enough. The NZ Seniors Party was more "specific" in its aims. "It's not just an oldies party, it's really for anybody," he said. "It's a horrible fact of life but you're all going to become pensioners at some stage if you're lucky enough to live long enough." The party would also be having a view on the euthanasia and medical marijuana debates. Perkins personally was open to both.

It's projected that by 2038, the number of over-65s will almost double to 1.29 million and make up almost 23.3 per cent of the population. By 2068, over-65s are forecast to make up 27 per cent of the population. Finance Minister Bill English allocated $12.9 billion to NZ Super in the 2016 Budget.


New political party represents older New Zealanders
9:58 AM Tuesday Jun 7, 2016 - NZ Herald

A new political party has formed to represent older New Zealanders, saying the Government is showing no interest in senior issues. The New Zealand Seniors Party plans to register as an official party and will run candidates in the 2017 election. It was formed by a group of "disgruntled pensioners" in Wellington but its executive is also made up of people from Auckland, Christchurch and the provinces. The party said seniors needed more meaningful representation in Parliament.

A key part of its platform would be fighting the "unfair" deduction of overseas pensions from New Zealand Superannuation. "Today's seniors are tired of being ignored and dictated to by politicians, government departments and their overpaid staff," the party said. "They are not willing to remain invisible. They are educated and bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the table, and they are certainly capable of taking an active role in the running of their own country."

The party is now seeking members.


The New Zealand Seniors Party is an unregistered political party in New Zealand.
9:52 AM June 7 , 2016 - John Ansell , Stuff

The party is aimed at representing older New Zealanders, and was launched in June 2016. Specific areas of concern include the deduction of overseas pensions from New Zealand superannuation, euthanasia and medical marijuana. The party plans to register with the Electoral Commission and run candidates in the 2017 election.

Now this is interesting. If properly led and organised, a revolution of senior wisdom could solve many problems - and remove the need for Winston Peters. As I said to an audience in Waikanae, "Why does New Zealand's most ethical generation keep placing its trust in New Zealand's least ethical politician?" If they can rid the country of racist legislation and inject some honesty into academia and government, they will have done future generations a huge favour.
Disgruntled pensioners will stand in the 2017 election, saying the Government's shown a "lack of interest" in their issues.