The party was formed on June 1st 2016, at a meeting of disgruntled pensioners in Wellington. The name of the party is to be called the NZ Seniors Party. It will be registered and intends to stand candidates in the 2017 General Election.

An initial party executive has been formed with representatives from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and additional members from the Provinces and Australia.

The Executive Committee is setting up the party’s infrastructure.

With nearly 700,000 people of pension age (over 65), representing almost 15% of the population, New Zealand’s seniors have become aware of the need for a more meaningful representation in the nation’s political arena and want their voices to be heard.

The repeal of the Social Security Act, Section 70 – the unfair and in the Party’s view illegal deduction of employer/employee-funded overseas pensions from NZ Superannuation – is one of the major issues the New Zealand Seniors Party will focus on.

The new party’s goal is to achieve fairness and justice for all New Zealanders, and real fairness for those who have reached pension age already will be fairness for future generations of pensioners. The party’s guideline will be the return to common sense, a trait that seems to be seriously lacking in the current Government.

Today’s seniors are tired of being ignored and dictated to by politicians, government departments and their overpaid staff.

Today’s seniors are not willing to remain invisible. They are educated and bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge to the table; and they are certainly capable of taking an active part in the running of the government of their own country.

From experience, having determined that lobbying and advocacy achieve very little, the New Zealand Seniors Party has determined that now is the time for all senior’s to stand up and be counted and have dedicated direct representation in Parliament.

For membership registration please download the Membership Form.